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Searching for Persephone

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Self-doubting twenty-four-year-old Violet is shaken to the core by the sudden loss of her best friend Persephone. Hoping to draw her out of a deep depression, her mother sends her to Crete, the Greek island she herself fled as a teenager. As Violet slowly heals, she strikes up an unexpected romance and begins to make plans for the future. But when the pandemic arrives, her world is once again dismantled.


Searching for Persephone is a story of self-discovery and redemption in the midst of loss and defeat. Drawing on Greek myths, fairy folklore and quantum physics, the book explores themes of healing, cultural and personal identity, and the nature of perception and reality.

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Cover photo ©2022 Lichon Photography


The debut novel by S.M. Perkins Carr

"I can't put down Searching for Persephone.  I'm staying in and hating to stop reading....I can't wait for her second book!"

-Christine, self-proclaimed book snob

Photo ©2022 Lichon Photography

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Searching fo Persephone

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About Melikos Publishing

Melikos Publishing was founded in 2022 by Shannon Perkins Carr, in order to publish her debut novel, Searching for Persephone. We then expanded into publishing sheet music, and we have plans to bring you more of Shannon's novels in the future!

About S.M. Perkins Carr

Shannon Perkins Carr is a certified music therapist and emerging writer. Born and raised in North Vancouver, Canada, she completed a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of British Columbia in 2005.  She then worked for several years as a guitar teacher, administrator, and rock musician. Shannon moved to London, England in 2008, where she continued working as a musician and administrator. In 2013, she graduated with distinction, earning an MA in music therapy at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.


Shannon has written articles on music and movement, as well as inter-cultural adaptations, and has presented at music therapy conferences in both Canada and the UK. She currently runs Connecting Through Music, offering music therapy, education, and classical guitar performance in Victoria, BC, where she has lived since 2019.  Searching for Persephone is her debut novel.

About the Author

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