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EVENT: Read Locally Book Fair, Saturday, March 18, 2023

Read Locally Book Fair Flyer.png

We're so excited about this one! A book fair specifically for local authors and self-publishers in and around Victoria!  We'll be selling our locally-printed copies of Searching for Persephone, as well as a handful of other handmade crafty items, including handmade notebooks and coasters

We'll be sharing a table with the very talented and charming Natasa Cecez-Sekulic, who will be selling her fantastic memoir, The Journey to Bring Back Play.

We hope to see you there for plenty of chatting and browsing, and of course we're looking forward to connecting with other local authors and self-publishers!

Admission is by donation. Further information on the event can be found here.

Click here for the location.

Speaking of local, our books are printed by the incomparable First Choice Books. Lovely people who print beautiful books and are passionate about supporting local authors and self-publishers.

Following the Muse, February 2023

Someone recently sent me a list of things writers should and shouldn't do. One of the items was to always finish what you were working on before starting a new project. Another one advised that drinking and writing don't mix. 

Well, I'm very pleased to have broken both those rules recently, because a wee bit of port or wine (or rakomelo if I'm lucky enough to have some) makes me better at everything, and because the muse often takes me to unexpected places and I think it's important to follow her, as they are often the most fruitful and rewarding trips. 

The mischievious muse recently led me away from screenwriting (just for a little while), and into some short stories, which I've been busy drafting and crafting. They are set in different locations in Greece, with overlapping characters and settings. Three of them are based on the beautiful and charming island of Kythera, which we were fortunate enough to visit last year. I've spent the past two days there (in my mind, anyway), getting to know some very interesting characters there and learning about their lives. There's been some drama, some sadness, some scandal, some loss, but also a lot of love, learning and growth. It's always an emotional roller-coaster for me when I create and follow these stories, as I end up living and breathing with the characters. They feel like close friends and I want the best for them, I want them to figure things out, to fall in love, to value themselves, and to find what they're looking for. 

I'm often inspired by places, and the magical location of Portokalia Springs (pictured above) on Kythera inspired several of my recent stories. I tried to describe the water here in one of my stories, but I'm not sure words can do it justice. If water was music, this would be the most elegant Bach fugue, played flawlessly and effortlessly on a hand-crafted instrument of the finest quality. If you have the chance to go to Kythera, this is not a place you want to miss. It's a little off the beaten path, but well worth the journey. And true to what I wrote in one story, we were guided to the spot by an orthodox priest, down lanes we thought were too narrow to be roads. The Amir Alis Restaurant and Cafe was unfortunately closed when we visited, but I hope we can return one day to sample the food and entertainment. 

Short stories aside, I am still planning a second novel, set in Victoria, and I have now officially written the first page! It's not much, but filling that first blank page feels like an achievement in itself, and I look forward to finding out where the characters will take me. I've recently joined a novel critique group with the lovely Victoria Writers' Society, so that should keep the muse from distracting me too much (there is a balance needed after all, between finishing projects and following the muse).

In other news, I've signed up for another screenwriting course focused on adapting books and stories, so I'm really looking forward to honing that skill and working on some adaptations of my new short stories. 

So much to write about, so little time to do it! I must get back to the muse now, but stay tuned for more news and ramblings, and an exciting event announcement soon!

-Shannon Perkins Carr, 19th February, 2023

Portokalia springs trail.jpeg

Winter Writing, January 2023

Hello readers and fans of Searching for Persephone! I figured it was about time to start an online blog, so I can keep everyone up-to-date with all the behind-the-scenes happenings that I quietly get up to. 


I've been busy with a mix of marketing, writing, and researching. And you might have noticed we just gave the website a much-needed makeover!  Yay! While I'd much rather be focused on the creative side of things, I'm also passionate about sharing the story of Searching for Persephone, so I do spend rather a lot of time promoting it in different ways. If you're on social media, please like and share our posts! Every bit of engagement helps us out! We are also on the lookout for Ambassadors, so please get in touch if you're interested! It really only involves a handful of small tasks, so even if you have half an hour free to help us spread the word, we'd be so very grateful for your support! And of course you'll receive a free ebook for your time. 

As far as writing goes, I've had a few people ask about a sequel to Searching for Persephone. I have to say, I think Violet's story is complete and I wouldn't want to write a sequel just for the sake of it. But I wouldn't rule out a spin-off, perhaps featuring Telis. I did rather leave him in a lurch, didn't I? An interesting fellow, I'm sure he's been getting up to all sorts of trouble since we left him in Maleme. I still think about him, and I do think he might have more of a story to tell.  We shall see.

As for what I'm currently writing, I'm working on a film and/or mini-series adaptation of Searching for Persephone. I've completed what is commonly referred to as a "vomit draft," and as the name suggests, it's in a very messy state and in need of much tidying. It's been fascinating to learn (and I of course continue to learn) the art of writing a screenplay, and I am eternally grateful for the existence of UVic Continuing Studies courses which offer high quality instruction for very affordable prices.

And finally, yes, I am planning a second novel! I am currently researching, mulling and planning. Much tea has been drunk in this process so far. Characters have formed and a narrative is slowly revealing itself. More to come on this later, but for now, I will tell you that it will be mainly set in beautiful Victoria, BC, which I am lucky enough to currently call home. 

I shall go and put the kettle on now, and play with these new characters in my mind a little. I like to watch them, like a movie, and see what they get up to. So far they are proving pretty intriguing.


Wishing everyone a wonderful relaxing Sunday evening!

-Shannon Perkins Carr, 22nd January, 2023

Book launch - October 7th, 2022

Venue: Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 1T2

Time: 7-9pm

We look forward to meeting you all in-person to celebrate the long-awaited release of Searching for Persephone.

Come pick up your pre-ordered book and join us for book readings, Greek snacks (including Violet's favourite dolmades!), chats with the author, music, and more!

There may be books available to purchase on the night, but as quantities are very limited, we do recommend pre-ordering to avoid disappointment.

This event is open to all, so please feel free to bring friends and spread the word!

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